Security alert

All employees have CASSA Cards with photo card type, annual visa on the back (see model). Please check the identity of every person who enters your property (possibly by comparison with CI). CASSA employees have no right to ask for money on the spot for any benefits.

After recrudescence cases of fraud alleged by some citizens Somes Water Company employees, our company made the following remarks::

S. A. Somes Water Company (CASSA) does not perform any work – either mains water or sewage in the – in apartment blocks or within private houses.

In exceptional cases, where employees need access CASSA in apartments or homes for the verification of complaints, it will be based on the ticket type service that is credit card-see model attached, and in the case of joint owners / tenants, usually in the presence of President / Administrator block. We also recommend that if there is suspicion to be requested and the identity card for confrontation.


Under no circumstances will the Company employees have no right to ask for money for alleged benefits incurred in apartments or houses. If blocks water consumption bills and any provision of discharge type of competence president / manager and if private houses, cashiers-Collector of society are usually known, identify the card type ticket and – on request – ID card and issue receipts for amounts received showing the identification of Somes Water Company.

Prevent again this way citizens are not fooled by alleged employees of the Company requesting money for the rendering of services “test”, “disinfection” etc.. the water and sewerage network.