ISPA C1-C3 Contract


Valoare contract  – 25.858.481 Euro

· Extension of water distribution in Cluj – Napoca 42.9 km
· Extension of sewerage in Cluj – Napoca 50.3 km
· Replacement of drinking water networks in Cluj – Napoca 35.3 km
· Rehabilitation of sewerage networks Aurel Vlaicu district 27 km
· Rehabilitation boosters stations in Cluj – Napoca 272 stations
· Construction of sewers in five villages upstream of Cluj – Napoca: Săvădisla, Vlaha, Somes Cold Floreşti, Luna de Sus 41.4 km
In total, approx. 175 km of sewerage water networks were upgraded and established by this component.
· On a total of 65 blocks of 12 areas of Cluj-Napoca, were replaced water networks);
· On a total of 94 blocks of 13 areas have been established water supply networks;
· On 22 Aurel Vlaicu streets in areas North and South, have been rehabilitated sewer networks;
· On a street number 143 of 9 zones were established channel network;
· In five villages upstream of Cluj-Napoca (Săvădisla, Vlaha, Somes Cold Floreşti and Luna de Sus) were established 20.7 km sewage networks and one wastewater pumping station.
· 224 blocks high (P + 8 P + 10) in the city were provided with water pumps (pressure booster stations) modern automatic silent;
· It made a modern sewer main in length of 1.3 km, Gheorgheni district (the street Iasi to Bd. Titulescu), which carries wastewater and storm sewer to existing right bank of the Somes small etc.

The official ceremony of completion of works held on December 21, 2009.