Customer Guide

To come to the aid of the Association of Owners / Tenants – class of customers with the most complex problems in terms of the contractual relationship, -SOMES Water Company has developed a material – called ‘CUSTOMER GUIDE condominiums “.

This material was prepared using the legal provisions currently in force (September 2008) and includes a series of recommendations, provisions, useful information and statements of laws that relate directly or indirectly to the contractual relationship between CASSA and you or associations that can provide help to solve some of the problems frequently faced condominiulu administration in terms of the contractual relationship with the public service of water supply and sewage-collection.

This guide is required particularly in the context of the, since March 2007 came into force a new set of laws that regulate public utilities services in general, water services / collection, treatment in particular.

In the same period, the National Regulatory Authority for Public Utilities Community Services (hereinafter ANRSC) adopted a new Regulation Framework and Framework Contract services / water collection and purification on which CASSA will develop a new Regulation and Contract own . These laws have repealed the previous ones and introduced some news which is reflected in contractual relationships with customers.

The bill for our services and it underwent some changes and maturity and payment terms were changed by the effect of new legislation.

In this context, it should be emphasized again emphasized the important principle, namely that if associations of owners / tenants, including new legislation reaffirms that the contractual relationship between the operator and the Client is concluded with the Association as a whole, represented by a proxy, and NOT between the Company and end users – owners of condominium apartments. As a consequence bill – for example – the client has branching issue, so Association / Committee and not owners of apartments.