Master plan

In order to develop a strategy for long term development, SOMEŞ Water Company in 2006 developed a Master Plan – Program Coordinator investment during 2007-2026 full compliance with the final aim of all areas serviced at the end of the forecast period, with the requirements of European Directives in the field of water and sewage treatment plants. This program will lay the foundation for infrastructure modernization investment projects to be implemented by regional operator in Cluj and Salaj. The amounts required for these investments will try to attract the application of Structural and Cohesion Funds, for which CASSA has already prepared projects and studies. Total investment effort perspective of regional operator managed systems is estimated at about 400 million. EUR.

General and specific objectives of the strategy are:

  • Improving water quality to consumers;
  • Providing water to all consumers;
  • Significant reduction of water losses;
  • Decreased maintenance and operating costs;
  • Balance water supply systems;
  • Decrease damage and increase the level of satisfaction of customer requirements;
  • Eliminating environmental pollution and water courses;
  • Improving the performance of operational management, financial and environmental.