Municipal Utilities Development Programme Phase II was co-financed by the European Union (PHARE), the BERD and the Company’s own resources and budget.

The total value was 38.5 millions USD;
Period: 1997 – 2002

Financing structure:

  • 17.5 Mil. USD (45.45%) – BERD loan;
  • 9.3 million USD (24.15%) – PHARE grant;
  • 11.7 Mil. USD (30.39%) – public budget and its own resources SOMEŞ Water Company.

Investment program provided:

Restoration Connection to the water supply network on 95 streets 33,6 km
Rehabilitation connections 12,07 km
rehabilitation homes 184 buc.
rehabilitation hydrants 357 buc.
Rehabilitation of sewerage collectors and on 60 streets 40,9 km
Sewer rehabilitation homes 1.839 buc.
Rehabilitation of sewer connections 24,7 km
Upgrades to the water treatment plant to capacity Gilău 2.560 l/sec.
Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Plant Someşeni 2.170 l/sec.
Compensation Increased capacity (2 tanks new Mănăştur and Baciu) 15.000 mc
We supply and distribution network for the new tanks 5,8 km
Modernization and automation of pumping stations (15 new pumps) 920 l/sec.
Monitoring of the pressure in the distribution network 30 pcte.
Upgrading computer.  
Increasing safety in the operation of water supply system.  
Feeding adjacent cities Cluj – Napoca by reallocating flow of drinking water.  
Modernization of logistics facilities.