Water Museum

On October 14th 1992,” SOMES WATER COMPANY” (by then Cluj County Water – Sewage Independent Administration), established, thus marking Cluj Water and Sewage Works centennial, the first and only Water Museum in Romania, also one of the few of this kind in the world. Situated in Floresti locality, the Museum was established in a remarkable natural frame, in the building of the first underground water pumping station from the underground source, established in 1898.

The thought of those who in 1992 established this cultural place was to bring, by this initiative, an homage to those many and unknown which, for a century, served the community and struggled to bring in our homes this indispensable for life drop: WATER.

With love and devotion for the centennial tradition, were searched for, gathered and restored exhibits which today represent the dowry of the Museum: documents, maps, photographs, technical plans, registers, tools and equipment, all proving beyond all doubt, the remarkable professionalism, worthy to follow, which the veterans of the Water Works put in the service of the people.

To us and to you passerby whose steps might carry you in this place, the Museum reminds us of the sad truth that water is less and less available and us more and more.

That is why each of us has the duty to save with special care each drop of this vital resource, caring in mind that on the vast surface of the earth, there are always beings thirsty for water and that we will also have to leave as our legacy this good, the way we received it, to our followers.

With this in mind, the motto chosen ten years ago for the Museum was an uncontested truth: “WATER IS LIFE”, illustrated suggestively by an ornamental artesian fountain situated at its entrance.

During the ten years of its existence, the Museum collection was constantly enriched with pieces of high historical value from Romania and other countries of the world, preoccupation that remains constant today and for the future.

Skimming the Museum Honor Book, we will see that the efforts for the establishment and caring of this place were rewarded by many visitors from both Romania and other countries. The praises recorded in the book prove that our efforts were rewarded in abundance.


Maybe some inhabitants of Cluj do not know and have not visited the WaterMuseum. We invite you, passerby, to cross its doorway and thus skim some leafs of our community water supply history.