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European Services for a civilized community

Water Coman SOMEŞ S.A. is today one of the largest regional operators of water supply and wastewater collection and purification of Romania, which serves nearly three quarters of a million people in eight cities and towns and a growing number of rural settlements (165 on 1 January 2013) from Cluj and Salaj.

We are a modern, strong Europe-wide competitive, sustainable and financially viable economic and permanently preoccupied to be oriented clients who are proud tradition for over a century since the establishment in 1892.

On the reorganization of the regional operator – July 1, 2006 – when I took over from day to day seven new cities and towns of Cluj and Salaj, four of them with daily program of water supply (between 5 and 12 hours per day) and loss networks and even over 70%.

It was publicly stated objective of the Company’s management as by attracting investments for modernization and expansion to reach all customers in the shortest time to enjoy the same high standards of service. In approx. a year, the four cities had water 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Water supply to one of the cities depended treatment plant belonging to a private company in difficulty, that if he would be left bankrupt 30,000 inhabitants without drinking water. In 2011 we opened a 22 km headrace to lead this city, the same excellent quality water they drink and CFR Cluj, from Tarnita.

Today, environmental infrastructure is largely modernized result of investment programs that exceed the equivalent of 133 million euros, which we scored among the largest investors in Cluj County. We visited four major programs since 1997 with co-financing from the European Investment: MUDP II, ISPA, SAMTID and presently we are about to finalize the Sectoral Operational Programme (SOP) Environment 2008-2015 phase.

All these investments had as main objective the establishment of networks of water and sanitation for those residents in the area who served in two millennium threshold had these utilities vital for any civilized community, modernize outdated networks that created shortcomings customers continuous quality improvement water, environment and customer service.

In 2003, the company was the first public service of its kind in the country that has developed a Code of Ethics which defined its own principles that have guided / run the business of the Customer and internal behavior. CASSA Code of Ethics was developed in 2011 to fit the principles stipulated in GEO 109/2011 on corporate governance of public enterprises and especially in Order no. 946/2005 for the approval of the Code of internal control / management, the new Code of Ethics was approved in the meeting of the Board of Directors in October 2011.

Between 2014 – 2020 we prepare for other investments that target the final setting up of water supply and sewage collection, those who do not yet benefit or further upgrading of infrastructure where it is still outdated.

  • I restored or created (or are) approx. 337 km network of environmental infrastructure in the 402 km managed by the company in 1991: 93.5 93.2 km water networks and sewage networks rehabilitated 75 km of new water network that 75.4 new sewerage networks.
  • The result of these investments? We have removed virtually Somes Mic river pollution in the city of Cluj-Napoca and Gilău Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant Someşeni are among the most technologically advanced in Romania. Equipment, facilities and equipment that ensure water quality, environmental, quality and continuity of service of Cluj area system are also largely automated and modernized or being upgraded. Everything done keeping in mind constantly the same goal: the best interests of citizens and community well-being and comfort them.

  • As a confirmation of the work performed, in November 2006, the twelfth edition of Top Companies States Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj, -SOMES SA Water Company was awarded first place in the “Industry – Production, Transmission and Distribution of Energy electricity, heat, gas and water “category” large enterprises “.
  • The Company Master Plan – Program Coordinator Long Term Investment (2008 – 2026), another approximately 487 MEUR are expected to be attracted by projects submitted from 2007 and the Structural and Cohesion Funds to rehabilitate and further expansion of infrastructure administered, particularly the new towns taken from Cluj and Salaj, which until now have not received investment for modernization.