Infrastructure status of the seven cities of Cluj and Salaj taken Apa Somes SA Company after regionalization, in July 2006, was very bad, modernized the building of the 70s. Three of the four cities in Salaj had daily program of water supply networks and loss of 70% and over.

To meet the Company’s commitment to provide equal standard service for all customers, SAMTID program was attracted major gap in order to remedy the immediate water supply in these cities.

In approx. One year after the takeover, the inhabitants of these cities were first water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The program SAMTID benefited an estimated 181,600 people in seven urban areas: Zalau, Şimleul Silvaniei, Jibou and Cehu Silvaniei of Salaj and Dej, Gherla and Huedin Cluj County.

Total value: 14.1 MEUR
Perioad: 2005-2008
Financing scheme approved :

  • BERD loan – 50%
  • PHARE contribution (grant UE) – 37,5%
  • NATIONAL FUND – 12,5% (Romanian Government)

The main work done in the two counties were:

  • replacement of 107 km of water supply network;
  • modernization of 7 pumping stations;
  • purchase and installation of 4261 meters;
  • rehabilitation of 4 water tanks;
  • monitoring the water supply system 62.