The educational program

SOMES Water Company educational program

Started under the form of opened lessons for children education concerning the protection of the water sources within Tarnita – Gilau Hydrographic Basin Pollution Prevention Plan, The Children Educational Program transformed today into a permanent environment education activity for a children of different ages.

What is The Children Educational Program?

It is a SOMES Water Company initiative to contribute to the ecological education of the future generations by underlining the importance of water and other environmental issues that could affect its quality. We proposed ourselves to accomplish this objective from the perspective of an institution directly involved in the conservation and protection of the water sources.

Why did we focus on children?

Every child is like an opened book that, as it fills its pages, builds his personality. In the same time, children also have “the power” to educate others by spreading the information they receive and by the power of example.

The main objective of this project is to stimulate the children’s interest and love for nature and to determine them to have a proactive attitude towards its protection, in general, and towards the water sources, in particular.
The specific objectives of the project are:

  • children learning about the pollution sources;
  • children learning about the importance of water in their lives;
  • children learning SOMES Water Company’s role in obtaining our drinking water;
  • stimulating their interest for nature and ecology;
  • stimulating oral communication and correct expression;
  • stimulating imagination and creativity;
  • stimulating collaboration and socialization skills by working as a team.

How did we propose to accomplish these objectives?

SOMES Water Company ensures, at the express request of learning institutes or by our own initiative, making presentations at class or at our dedicated space from “Leonida Truta” Water Museum. The themes of the presentations are: the water circuit in nature, the route of the water during the production of the drinking water and the process of cleaning the waste waters as well as the protection and cleaning of the water sources. These presentations address to kinder garden and school children up to 4th grade.

In order to have an in-depth view of the knowledge concerning technological processes, we organize visits at water treatment and water purification plants that address all age categories.

Besides the educational activities unfolded in schools and kinder gardens that signed collaboration protocols with us, other activities with the same purposes and objectives take place in this program within events like: “Open gates”,  “Another kind of week – Know more and be better!”, drawing contests as well as cleaning sawdust and garbage and reforestation actions.