Participation of children

Basin Pollution Prevention Plan Tarniţa Gilău (PPP Tarnita Gilău) comprises a major section dedicated to measures of information, awareness and civic education designed to involve the community and encourage the behaviors and skills that contribute to the effort to protect water sources.
An important part of this effort is directed towards children and young people. Among the measures set out in the campaign of information / education is and pilot project involving a group of students in carrying out activities to increase the awareness of environmental issues related to pollution prevention and protection of water resources of the community.
Children from schools and kindergartens visited the Company’s objectives, sources and treatment Water Museum, then tried to put on the sheet of drawing what they understand. Here is their vision.

Since 2005, CASSA staff held open classes in different schools and pre-schools to educate children about the importance of water and the need to protect them.

On these occasions children are offered a video presentation and then a printed brochure entitled “Adventures of a drop of water”.