Green C.A.S.S.A.

Apa Somes Company SA – CASSA – is now a major producer of  Green Energy, as a reflection of the company’s concern for environmental protection and sustainable development through three main activities:


Biogas Production

Methane fermentation of sludge from the WWTP Cluj cogeneration and convert it into electricity and heat. The electricity produced is about. 45% of the monthly consumption of the wastewater treatment plant.



Using solar panels

to supply automatic transmissions of data mainly from rural tanks to Dispatch Company.



Production of electricity

the associated micro-hydropower plant raw water abstraction Tarnita able to produce approx. 10,000 MWh / year, thus entering Somes Water Company of Green Certificates market.foto-producere-energie-microhidrocentrala350

Green Certificate is a document attesting that 1 MWh of electricity produced from renewable energy sources. In Romania operates a mandatory quota system, which is a mechanism for promoting the production of electricity from renewable sources by purchasing the providers of mandatory quotas for electricity produced from these sources for sale to consumers served. Learn more about the green certificates market to  address.