The MRD Fund

The MRD Fund (Modernization, Rehabilitation and Development) was created in 1997, when SOMES Water Company accessed its first European Union      co-financed investment program and it was created in order to constitute funds from the company’s own sources (from invoices paid by the customers) that would permit making new investments in the extension and modernization of the infrastructure.

Setting the destination of the fund collected in the MRD Fund is based on a list of ranked priorities that would solve punctual problems from the regional system that were not included in the major investment programs accessed by the Company from the European Union.

From the date of the establishment of the Fund until the end of 2013, the following were accomplished:

  • replacements/extensions of water networks 79.5 km in length;
  • replacements/extensions of sewage networks 25.5 km in length;
  • 950 water connections 13.4 km in length;
  • 647 sewage networks 3.4 km in length;
  • Other objectives related to the water and sewage system.


Examples of more significant works financed partially or completely from the MRD Fund:

  • the 2,500 cubic meter Zorilor reservoir (Cluj-Napoca);
  • contribution to the second extension phase of the Waste Water Plant with 970 l/s (2002);
  • The DN 1,200 UHE Somesul Cald – Gilau Water Treatment Plant intake main (2.8 km);
  • Somesul Mic River right bank sewer main with the diameter of 2,650 mm (2.3 km);
  • Rehabilitation of Rasaritului street – Anton Pann street sewer main (885 ml);
  • The 1,000 l/s decanter with 5 filters and micro strainers at Gilau Water Treatment Plant;